“Quite frankly, I justify having dessert any time of day.  During breakfast, I feast on ice cream as a form of frozen milk and eggs.”

I remember emerging from my first boulangerie and patisserie in Paris feeling smitten. In the city of love, I’d fallen hard for every mousse, tart and croissant in sight. Was there a higher bliss than butter and cream? — I aver not. There still isn’t. With strawberry ice cream, I even get a bonus serving of fruit; add chocolate, there’s my vegetable. It’s a simple philosophy: me + dessert = happiness. Here’s to baking, writing, and living the sweet life.


There are no real qualifications for being a foodie, save a pure appreciation for ingredients and how they can meld together into one lip-smacking symphony…

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Minute Videos & Recipes

A little compendium of lovely morsels that delight and how to make them in your kitchen.
Happy experimenting!

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Published Articles

My articles on food are featured across various media platforms. This is a selection of recent commissions.

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