What we eat, how we eat it, and why, is integral to our sense of belonging.

It ties us to our family roots and beyond that to a national identity, with the traditions surrounding our food reminding us of who we are – and perhaps who we are not. AJEats goes on a journey to discover what a city’s food tells us about its people, the fault lines of its history, the echoes of its past, and the emerging future. The three-part series on Al Jazeera English is conceived, written and hosted by Gerald Tan.

  • AJ Eats – Reykjavik: Iceland’s recipe for survival

    For someone who grew up in Malaysia, in the tropics, Iceland is about as exotic as it gets.

  • AJ Eats – Istanbul: Turkish cuisine at a crossroads

    I love food. I love making it, tasting it, and talking about it.

  • AJ Eats – Havana: Cuba’s Food Revolution

    We visit Havana to find out how politics affects food and how recent changes are being reflected in Cuban cuisine.