I don’t usually blog about the menu tastings I do each week — they’re too numerous and seem a tad advertorial. But I couldn’t resist this one-week dinner special happening at Al Liwan.


Called The Spice Route: Culinary Wonders of India, it’s a refined spread of stunning dishes from the north to the very tip of the Indian subcontinent.


The colours and textures were seductive and addictive. The flavours of the curries and grills and streetfood known as chaat kept beckoning me back for more. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


This restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village & Spa is my go-to recommendation when folks are looking for the sort of old-school, all-day buffets. The breakfast is among the tastiest and most tantalising Doha, while the lunch and dinner serve up my favourite lamb chops with mint sauce — told you it was old-school.


Once in a while, the hotel tries to mix things up by having a special food festival. Although Indian cuisine is widely available in Doha, getting it at such exceptional quality remains a real treat.Halwa